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        Founded in October 1998 , Guangzhou Panyu Hongfeng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the integration of automotive test equipment development, production and sales of professional manufacturers . It was awarded the China quality credit AAA grade China Quality Credit Evaluation Center . Our Maple series automotive testing equipment is based in Europe or the United States advanced technical standards of production.
We always put a priority since the founding of the quality to win the next "to create China 's well-known brands through precise " concept of the market. Our products sell well in China , but also exported to Southeast Asia , South America , Africa, Europe and other countries or regions. We are proud to manufacture automotive test equipment expert .
Our product line covers a series of six up to more than 100 varieties, including: vehicle test line series , ATV test line series, tricycle test line series , motorcycle test line series , hot air series and comprehensive safety testing line series.
Hongfeng people think that " things depending on the person 's efforts ." Maintain this spirit of enterprise, we make every effort to do everything better , to provide quality products for every user . Through a nationwide sales and service network , we are able to give users one of the most efficient, most effective way to provide the most satisfactory service to ensure each vehicle detection equipment to maintain the optimum operating conditions.
Hongfeng held a firm belief that we can through continuous efforts, and through hard work , and to create a better future, to provide first-class products .