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This product is controlled by the power absorption device unit ( air-cooled eddy current dynamometer ) simulation of a vehicle on the road conditions, vehicle exhaust pollutants determination underconditions of equipment. The core components used the air cooling of high performance, high reliability, and eddy current dynamometer.Small airbag lifting, the period of use of maintenance free, reliable work, its life is lifting 100000 times. The integral frame, easy to install,and electric eddy current dynamometer directconnect, high transmission efficiency. Equipped with mechanical flywheel, simulate theequipment running 

According to CHN “HJ/T290-2006”, “HJ/T291-2006”, “HJ/T396-2007” and “JT/T445-2008 “standards. Suitable for environmental detection /monitoring department, vehicle management, automobile manufacturers and auto repair factory department.

Vehicle used vehicle maximum total mass not exceeding 3500 kg. Class M1, class M2 and class N1. Number of axles: no more than two.

Drive mode: front wheel drive and rear wheel drive

Drive tire specifications: 215/70R15 (or the tyre rolling radius of 250 mm - 350 mm)

Fuel type: unleaded gasoline or compressed natural gas, liquefiedpetroleum gas. (Lead-free gasoline shall comply with GB 17930 - 1999 provisions; compressed natural gas shall comply with SY/T 7546 - 1996 provisions; liquefied petroleum gas shall comply with SY 7548 - 1998 regulations)

VM AS Exhaust Pollutant In section System

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