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Vehicle safety performance test line

In accordance with GB7258-2004 " the safe operation of motor vehicles technical conditions ", GA468-2004 " motor vehicle safetyinspection items and methods ", JT/T478-2002 " vehicle inspection station computer control system specification ", national quality inspection supervision ( 2006 ) the latest Standard No. 379 " motor vehicle safety and technical inspection agency inspectionqualification licensing conditions and regulations ".

The testing line according to the inspection of the different models,generally can be divided into a large vehicle testing line ( come thing like the truck ), the small vehicle detection line ( for normal vehicles ); line using industrial control computer control,  high speed switching circuit,high precision, good repeatability, strong stability.

Test items: according to the CHN national standard of Traffic Act 29, (GB7258-2004and local government regulations, safety inspection items include: axle load, brake, speed, slip, exhaust, smoke, horn sound and light, such as the appearance of the project;

Storage of the data for each vehicle in the database, can query and statistics daily inspection, monthly inspection, inspectioncar number and print out the report.


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